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Some people think I'm weird, others think I'm normal. To be honest I could careless what most think of me. Be yourself; who you feel is the person you're meant to be. As long as I do that does it really matter? I'm Perfectly Insane. Perfectly Abnormal. Perfectly just me.Nothing more nothing less, you take what you will & won't out of the words I speak. I'm an artist at heart, a hopeless romantic. I see certain things and take life experiences a little bit differently than most people. Not just looking at what the situation is but what it represents, what it really means.I'm a helper and console to many; if you will have me that is. No matter how hard you try you can't save someone from themselves, but rather give them the tools and showing the the way to successfully better their own lives.

My Occupation

Artist in training.

My Hobbies

When I'm not speaking in riddles however, I enjoy a good movie. I spend most of my time listening to music, mostly classical, acoustic, or maybe even a little alternative, something with meaning and gets the mind flowing with imagination if you catch my drift, and I just sit and relax. Thinking to myself, while listening to whatever music choice, to the silence around me, and I allow the inspiration to draw itself to me. It is then that i begin the process of arting from the inside out.

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    Congrats on Criss loving your picture!! You're amazing!! :)

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    gave ya a kudo for your picture!